Thanks for Losing so I Could See You Better


Last night Brian and I went on our “mystery date.” We had a super-tasty dinner at Frank’s on the way up to Atlanta. As we were nearing town, he was having me look all over the car for his sunglasses. When he asked me too look in the glove box, I opened the door and there before my eyes were two shimmering tickets to the Falcons v. Patriots game! My very first football game ever! And end zone seats too! I’ve wanted to go to a football game for oh-so long! We sat there with our refillable Coke and popcorn and $5 cotton candy and I fretted over my cheering obligations: home team…but…Patriots!…but, home team?..or Patriots? It ended up being a rather universal appreciation for good plays…which by nature of the game, was mostly for the Pats. The benefit of home team being stomped was that at half-time, we had amazing near-front-row seats on the end zone. Now, if only they’d come play on this end.

Our brave and well-qualified friend, Heidi, watched all 3 boys for us. She has 4 boys, so I think she’s a superhero. As we drove away from the house, I had a brief pity party for myself, missing my babies. I lamented that it was first time I’d been anywhere without Elijah. Well, except for that whole first 11 weeks thing…and maybe the grocery store. OK, nevermind. I’m a sap.

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  1. haffnewie says:

    Glad you had a great night! The boys were great and if I only had your "feeding empliments" for Elijah – all would have been perfect! I love those boys.


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