Learning Goals for 2015-2016

Today is the¬†third day of our home school year. ¬†Again, I’m battling the urge to justify my position by over-scheduling our learning experiences. That fear is rearing its head that they will suddenly stop absorbing knowledge if I don’t start cramming. This is the first year I’ve actually mentioned that, technically, by law, we are…

Since the Cavalry Arrived

Yes, I’m alive. I haven’t posted since Aunt Ashley (my sister) moved in! And can I just say, I LOVE having another wife around (ha ha). She is extraordinarily popular with the boys, too. She’s popular to the point that I had to put stickers on our hall clock and tell Ian not to go…

At the Door, In a Jam

We just bought a really cool new educational book set for the kids. It’s actually 26 books, interactive computer programs, “cling” stickers and laminated posters. And it was really stinkin’ expensive. But…we have our hearts set on homeschooling, and these books contain most of the subjects I’ve really wanted to start covering. Many of them…

Olive You

Knock knock. Who’s there? Boo hoo hoo. That was Ian’s recent attempt at a knock knock joke, followed by: Knock knock. Who’s there? Nick Knock. I’ve been waiting for the moment the word play light bulb switches on. I tried the other day, when the boys were munching “salty garlic olives.” I said, “Hey, Ian….

Had A ‘Tude

I don’t want to say this too loudly, but I think my three-year-old has been switched for a calmer, happier, identical-looking three-year-old. It’s been about 36 hours since he has cried or melted down about something. I’ve witnessed him speaking calmly to his vehicle-usurping little brother, instead of shrieking our windows to shards. He’s voluntarily…

Party Pooper

Remember that Play Foam that the big brothers were supposed to be playing with yesterday while Elijah was going down for his nap? Here is a photo I’ve borrowed from PlayFoam to show you what it could look like before preschoolers have mashed all the colors together to make a big confetti-colored pie.

Fly Free

Ahhhh. Here I sit with a glorious double pane of glass between the brouhaha and me. Our new glass storm door with roll-away screen was installed Monday, and I’m LOVING it. I see every swat of a twig, every snatch of a toy – even the swirling cloud of chalk, but I remain unscathed. Not even a fly buzzing ridicule in my ear.

Art Attack

It’s another gorgeous day, perfect for muddying up the boys. After breakfast, I took them outside with a cup of water and some paint brushes, for some patio painting. I was drinking from a sport bottle of water, ever so briefly, before Isaac “needed” it to Jackson Pollock the concrete. Then Ian sploshed his water on the ground. After he took half a dozen trips to the sink, I filled up a big bucket from the spigot on the side of the house to save him time (read: save my carpet). They scooped that bucket dry, and Ian refilled it. I had asked Ian if he wanted me to roll up his jean legs, but he declined, saying it was okay if they got wet.


Lesson learned. If I’d do a little laundry sometimes, I wouldn’t go without my TV remote for so long. It’s amazing what I find in that basket.

Noodle battle

My brain cells have largely reclassified themselves as dandruff. I had grabbed a pair of socks and went hunting for my fuzzy Crocs. I found one Croc shoe, so I slipped on a sock and stepped into my shoe. While wandering with my remaining sock in hand, I entered our large master bathroom and found a pile of the boys’ clothes that forgot to find the laundry basket. I scooped up the laundry and sorted it into the laundry basket. Pausing to remember my original mission, I realized I was empty-handed.