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I am Captain Willpower this week. I’m so crazy-eyed and Americanized that I decided to go see a nutritionist for guidance. It was a good meeting and I came away with some helpful guidance. The hard part is matching the formula: 50% carbs, 30% fat, 20% protein. The nutritionist suggested I document my eating for a week on as it is quick, easy and shows me a pie chart of my carb/protein/fat consumption. And, no, it’s not fair to go sticking pies of any kind in my face right now. I’m all about the carbs. When I think of a meal, it almost always includes waffles, cereal, bread, rice, pasta or potatoes. So, in trying to change my thinking, I’ve been inadvertently over-neglecting them. Yesterday evening, I ate a bowl of cereal to try and settle my fat-carb imbalance. I *think* the fat was mostly good, from nuts, avocados, etc, but it’s still fat.  Regardless of the proportions, though, I’ve managed through diet and exercise to stay under a net 1700 calories for most of the week.

My biggest test was taking the boys to Trunk or Treat at a local church the other night. I was literally surrounded by free popcorn (yum), slushies (mmm), cotton candy (save me!), cupcakes (yikes!), and candy (drool). Typically, I would have one (or so) of everything. Really. It’s a wonder my pants still fit. That night I ate none of it. I couldn’t believe it. When I was on the verge of a craziness attack, I looked in my son’s bag and found an apple (praise you, whoever brought those!) and showed it who’s boss. We went out to eat after, and instead of wings or burger and a loaded potato, I chose blackened Tilapia, salad, and…a baked potato, which I chose as a lesser of evils when I couldn’t stand the idea of one more floret of anything, and which I ultimately didn’t eat because the manager, so devilishly generous, plopped a free basket of cajun ranch fries in front of each of us, from which I judiciously nibbled. That was hard core. I still haven’t rifled through the kids’ candy for Reeses Cups or Snickers. I keep reminding myself that the idea of it is much more tasty, and what’s the point if I “can’t” gorge on it.

The boys have worn their costumes for days now. I hope they last until actual Trick-or-Treat time. I guess if they get shredded we’ll just have a Zombie Scooby, a Zombie Rex, and a Zombie Sky Rockets in Flight. “What’s that?” you say? Yes. Sky Rockets in Flight. The official costume of 2011. I asked Isaac what he wanted to dress up as for T or T and that was his answer. I browsed an entire catalogue of every boy’s dream costume and he still persisted. So, I got out my duct tape and some paint and, voila, Sky Rockets in Flight was born. Yes, my 3 y/o  is still obsessed with Afternoon Delight, and one day he will never live it down.

Our 2011 costumes

I want to add, as a post script, that I was impressed with some of Isaac’s reasoning today.

Isaac: Mom, is Spiderman a toy?
Me: Yes
I: Is Batman a toy?
Me: Yes
I: Is Lightning McQueen a toy?
Me: Yes
I: In his world, is he real?
Me: Well, yes, I suppose he is.
I: In his world, he’s a racer. In my world, he’s a toy.

I thought that was pretty deep for a little guy.

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  1. hi-d says:

    Wow Ames… that Sky Rocket costume is AWESOME!! You are amazing. And I love Isaacs deep, cute little mind! 🙂 I will keep you and your “nutrition adventure” in my prayers. You Rock!


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