Early in December, my oldest turned Five. He decided months before that he wanted a robot themed party and cake. Then it became Star Wars and R2D2. Then it became Wall-E. Finally, we locked in R2D2, when it came time to buy birthday supplies. We did a whole Star Wars theme with the food, that was probably lost on all the children and most of the moms, but Aunt Ashley and Amy had fun geeking out with ideas inspired by the internet machine.








We made Han Solo Rolos…










Pretzel Sabers….














Storm Trooper Snowflakes…














A Storm Trooper Cheese Ball…














Carbonite Jell-O…




























And, I don’t have a great photo of the green Yoda Soda, so here’s the cake…














The party table…










My partner in crime, Ashley, with little Elijah.










Great company!










Dismembering Yoda has never looked so cute!

















Can’t wait for cake!










Takin’ a break…














A great battle ensues:










It was a great time! Ian loved it, and it was all worth the ridiculous amount of overkill. We love you, Ian!

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