Venus, Not Zucchini


The other day, Isaac took interest in my squat little “Treasures of the Musee D’Orsay” book. It’s full of pictures of paintings, and fits nicely in little hands. He selected it for his bedtime “story” the other night. He had it open to page 62, and was interested in reading only that page.  He told me, “I really like this picture. It’s my fwavorite.” I bit later, he giggled to his dad, “She’s naked!” We read the painting name, the artist’s name, and a few other mundane details that he repeated after I read. After pondering a bit longer, he decided he wants hair as long as hers. I asked how he’d keep from siting on it. He said he’d cut it. When he crawled in my bed the next morning, he had his thumb in that page again (or…still?). He may have snuggled Venus all night.

The morning conversation was no so uniquely centered on poop.  Ian said something he thought was funny. Isaac reminded him, “Ian, saying ‘poop’ is rude.” Ian countered, “It’s rude in restaurants. And at other people’s houses. But not at our home.” Isaac wondered, “Is it rude in a car wash? I think it’s rude in a car wash.”

Isaac randomly ran to me today, laughing as he said, “Sirius is a planet!” The way he was laughing was the same as when he knows he’s saying anything else ridiculous and funny. He paused and asked, “Does Sirius have serious people?

We haven’t eaten a lot of meat at home these days, but while grocery shopping today, I had a craving for barbecue chicken. I spent a couple hours marinating chicken, preparing zucchini fries and a from-scratch sweet onion dipping sauce and tending chicken on the grill. Dinner turned out mighty tasty. During that two hours, the boys hounded me for cereal, nuts and such to snack on, but I made them hold off for dinner. It’s amazing how that raging hunger can switch off when they decide dinner is unappealing. Ian ate some of his out of principle. Isaac gagged on zucchini and poked at his chicken, taking a bite or two. Elijah snubbed the whole shebang. Never can tell what will be a hit or a flop. Let’s see, shall I spend two hours on a new food or plop out the cereal bowls? It’s a good thing for easily dazzled husbands.


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  1. hi-d says:

    Hang in there mama! I also remember slaving over the stove to provide great meals for the family, only to have my efforts snubbed by the little people! I hated that. My rule was two bites. One to taste it, and one to be sure. But now they eat just about everything, and are very conscious of their health. Keep trying… it will pay off!


    1. Grandpa says:

      Well their uncle Adam, you know the other brother Adam. Eats anything but reaction is ” it’s fine” overwhelming praise is , in deadly monotone ” that’s great” . Blame him he has it coming after cooking for him for his whole life.


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