Happy Fourth Birthday, Isaac!


Today is Isaac’s 4th birthday. He’s our gentle, sensible guy. I was pretty close to “the sky’s the limit” with his birthday. He decided he wanted to choose his own presents instead of them being a surprise, so we went to Walmart and he picked a few small things before telling me, “Okay, I’m done choosing toys now.” Today, after my gym workout, I told him he could  have anything he wanted for lunch. He started off with Chick-fil-A, but when we pulled into the parking lot, he said, “Nevermind. I’m actually not hungry yet.” Ian asked to get a drink. Isaac added that he already had a drink, and not to accidentally get  him another. I told him he could have anything he wanted for dinner – pizza, Thai noodles, something I cook – anything. He requested, “Something you make. I want an egg sandwich.”

I asked if he wanted to swing by the party store and get balloons and a table cloth, but he said he didn’t want those things. I love this so much – he’s so content with “just enough.” I contrast this to his 5-year-old brother, Ian, whose enthusiasm for parties is remarkable and contagious, but the boy wants $1,000 cakes — planned down to the last detail, streamers, fireworks, hordes of friends and sparkly chandeliers.

Isaac asked, “Why do people have so many birthdays? Is it because God wants us to have more toys?” He’s a deep thinker, pondering his world.  His favorite color is Yellow, but when he gets to Heaven, it will be Red, he assures us. He’s witty too.  The other day, Ian declared, “I’m thirsty!” Isaac chimed in, “Well, hello, Firsty!” He has huge feelings and they spill out all over. He will endure a lot from his brothers, but when he’s had enough, out comes a screech or a wail. If someone is talking, he’ll try to find a pause to put his two cents in. He’ll try two or three times, before softly pleading, “Stop talking!” and then says his peace. When he laughs, the joy is so great, you can’t help but giggle along. He’s snuggly and sweet – I just want to squeeze him!

Last year, I made Isaac a train cake – built out of cookies and candy. He requested the same cake this year. I did it a little differently this time — with brownies and candy.

It’s a little clumsy, but Isaac loves it. I made it a couple hours ago, and the boys have spent much of the time since sitting at the table admiring it and fantasizing about where it’s going, what kind of cargo it’s carrying, which parts they will eat, and how.

They are such a joy and a blessing.

Here’s a little trip down memory lane.

Isaac – Week 1, resting blissfully under the chins
Week 4 - Winston, some say.
A happy 23-week-old
Roar! 31 weeks
Yogurt monster. 15 months.
Two years
Our little tank engine -- 2.5 years
Three and a half years -- in his favorite "Sky Rockets in Flight" shirt.
Handsome little man - age 4

Now, time to go crack some eggs!

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  1. Kathy Barnes says:

    You guys have the most wonderful family besides The Davis. I love it when you share these stories with us. Makes me wish I had done more with my own children.


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