Memorial Day Weekend Staycation


We were craving some adventure when the Memorial Day weekend was approaching. We considered Chattanooga and Dollywood as options, but we waited until the last minute…again, to make plans, so hotels were scarce, expensive or crummy. So, we opted to stay a few nights at the Marriott resort near Stone Mountain. It fulfilled the boys’ requirements of wanting to sleep in a hotel, eat in a hotel and do fun things, plus it was great fun to explore Stone Mountain in a new way. We have the annual Plus Pass, so we go frequently, but tend to do the same things each time. Staying nearby presented us the opportunity to check out new things.

First, we checked out the animals at the plantation.

We explored the rest of the plantation and learned about life in the 19th century. Our homes today may have a TV in every room, but we noticed most of these  rooms had a spinning wheel. We also found that it was the boys’ room that went without climate control.

Next, we tried out the new water-play structure inside the park. We had some happy, soggy boys!

Next, we did one of our favorites — the Sky Hike — and the little guys did the smaller ropes course.

We relaxed a little at the hotel before checking out the pool.

Ian and Elijah wanted to join me for the laser and fireworks show, even though we explained it would be very loud. They found it entertaining, but…too loud. Ian about jumped off the blanket with every firework blast. Elijah seemed mostly concerned with being sleepy and wanting to go. The next day, Elijah said the show was loud and scary, but kept asking to go back.













The next day, we did some biking and hiking near the covered bridge, granite quarry, and grist mill. I wondered why we’d never spent more time there – it was gorgeous and fun!

Next, we headed over to the park for a rest and a train ride.

The train ride is always good for a nap. I see one in their near future.

We headed up to memorial hall and learned about the carving up close. The boys learned straight from the horse’s mouth.

After a great day, the big guys skipped happily back to the van.

The boys enjoyed some down time at the hotel again.

We started our third day with plans to ride up Stone Mountain and hike down, but…Elijah threw up twice before we got to the top. Using my Macgyver-Swiper skills in the sky ride, I swiped a greasy rag from the operator’s console to catch Elijah’s gastric offerings. Then, while the operator delved into the girth of the granite edifice, I pondered what to do with the rag. My moral compass wouldn’t allow me to leave him a greasy-gooey surprise. “Here, sorry,” didn’t seem fitting. I pondered washing it out and returning it, but I decided my compass was spinning a little too hard about a nasty washcloth. So, when we departed from the car, I casually tossed it in the trash, with all the smoothness I could muster.  I’m almost certain Hollywood has an Ocean’s 14 planned with me in mind.

Brian and I took turns holding a pitiful little boy, while the others took a quick breeze around the summit.

“I want to go home.”

We headed straight home and vegetated for the rest of the day. My week since then can be summed up with:

Mom I wanna go nite nite.
Nurse sad toddler in bed.
Mom I wanna watch Diego.
Put sad toddler in front of  Diego. Try to do something about house. Interrupted with:
Mom I wanna gink yum bubbolly wader.
Get sad toddler water.
Mom I wanna watch Diego.
Put sad toddler in front of Diego. Try to do something about house. Interrupted with:
Mom I wanna go nite nite.
Nurse sad toddler to sleep. Try to sneak shower. Sad toddler erupts in screams at bathroom door in the midst of my soapiness because he’s too sad to open the door.
Mom I wanna gink bubbolly wader….
and so forth.

However, all the sad toddler dialogue  is said in the most dramatic, throes-of-death voice he can muster, rendering the words nearly unintelligible, and sending him into fits of fury at having to repeat himself. Fortunately, I caught onto the pattern of requests after enduring only a few sad-toddler-hates-needs-mommy beatings. Now that Sad Toddler has finished his 3-day fever and is down to mere coughing fits, Oldest Brother is starting out to be a much more agreeable patient.  :/

What excitement did your holiday bring?

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