The Milky Way and Other Sweet Stuff


I have a house full of hams. I’d do well to set aside my attempts at sweet pictures and just enjoy the the little goobers that come out with the camera. Here the boys are so excited to be celebrating dad’s birthday. They can’t wait to help him open his presents.

It was, otherwise, a slow week. Elijah had a brief stint with a sore throat, and Brian and I felt, for a bit, like we were fighting the beginning of something. So, there was much laziness around the house this week.

Ian’s bottom right tooth is extremely loose. So much so that the dental assistant was badly wanting to pluck it. But, she resisted so Ian could have the honors. She also informed me that 3 other teeth will be soon to follow, as they are a bit jiggly.

Isaac has busied himself using blue painter’s tape and construction paper to turn his stuffed animals into superheroes. He loves riding his big boy bike with pedals, and I’m anxious to see how much he really uses the training wheels. He and Ian have been talking for about six months now about an Imaginext ninja fortress play set they want to get. We set up a deal where they can each earn $5 a month, and at any time they can choose to spend it or save it up. So far they have chosen to save it. In fact, recently, they decided they could pool their resources to buy this ninja set and share it. I think it’s just so cool that they can manage this sort of delayed gratification and teamwork.

Elijah is like a little gremlin. He’s a feisty, adorable little fella. I have a feeling we are in for big trouble one day. The other morning, he awoke and began to climb over me, grumbling, “milky…” I wrapped my arms around him and said, “Good morning. It’s good to hold you.” He groggily replied, “Good morning. It’s good to put me down,” and continued burrowing. What a character.

That about sums up the week. Can’t wait to enjoy some vacation time with these guys and my big sweetie.

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