Knight in Shining…Sunburn?


Here’s our 5 year old, having lost his first tooth on Oct 22 while we were in Florida. It involved an apple, and he was a bit shaken afterwards, being the first loss and all, but the Florida tooth fairy apparently pays high dollar. I guess this means he’s really really not a baby any more. Three other teeth are various stages of loose, too.

The boys finally made their collective purchase, with the money they’ve saved for about 6 or 8 months. We saw the Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle on sale, and they decided that’s what they wanted to buy. They’ve been playing with it for hours now. The funniest moment of dialogue so far was when Ian, playing the blue knight urgently called out for “Sir Angus,”  the silver knight, and Isaac replied for Sir Angus, “I’m here. I was just laying in the sun.”

Isaac has been on a roll lately. The other night at dinner, the boys were trying to make their drink selections. We occasionally purchase a lightly flavored, unsweetened carbonated drink called La Croix (pronounced  la kwah). Isaac, considering his options, held one hand loosely in the air and sweetly trilled, “La Croix?” before muscling up his other hand and saying in his manliest voice, “or ALMOND MILK?!”

I’ve been storing my brain on Facebook, and will now retrieve the cutes and funnies I’ve posted in my statuses. First, I will share a recent pun of mine I will shamelessly boast on. We were driving, when Brian pointed out the window, “Look at that flock of birds! At first I thought they were an airplane coming in for a landing, but then they just sort of stopped mid-air.” I suggested, “Maybe they’re Harrier Pigeons.” Oh, I crack myself up.

Isaac, possibly with a future in the ministry, was humming a tune and informed me it was a new song he made, called “God loves your heart.” At another time, the boys found dandelions. Brian suggested they make a wish and blow. Isaac said, “I wish to hug Jesus!”

I was playing a pretend cooking game with Elijah. He brought me some toy cookies for dessert after my toy garlic & burger meal. I asked if I might have a large glass of milk. Changing things up, he ran into the real kitchen and grabbed a large glass and insisted his dad help him pour some milk, even though dad tried to convince him I wanted pretend milk. Elijah explained, “We don’t have any p’etend milk. We onny have cow milk and almond milk.”

Elijah concerned me (facetiously, of course)  the other night with his grasp of colors. In the bathroom, I asked him to hand me my pink towel. He looked confused. I pointed to the towel I wanted, and asked, “Well, is it pink or purple?” He corrected me, “It’s raspberry.” I’m not that concerned about his manliness. He’s 2.5, and today he used a spare seat belt to rappel/swing out of the van, and yes, that was after pulling the entire length of it out to make it taut. There’s not much he does the reg’lar way.

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