Brother Feud


Like having our then 4-year-old happily spending the night at a friend’s house (a very trusted family friend), we’ve recently had a sooner-than-expected, but cute conversation in our house of fellas. We hadn’t anticipated our 4- and 5-year-old boys to be “feuding” over a lady quite yet. We shall call her “Belle.”

Isaac had once told Belle, a similar age to the boys, that he planned to marry her, and she diplomatically replied, “Yes, I was going to marry you too, but God has other people in mind to marry me.” He told me later, “It’s okay, I’ll just marry some other girl.”

Fast forward some weeks. All three kids are playing and, as I am told, a conversation took place something like this:

Ian: Belle, you’re going to marry me, right?
Belle: Yes.
Ian: How about we live in Florida?
Belle: I’d rather live in Kansas
Ian: Or how about California? That’s a really neat place.

They also determine that he will have 3 baby boys and she will have 2 baby girls.

Back at home, I engaged them in a conversation.

Me: So, did I hear you and Belle were talking about getting married?
Ian: Yes.
Isaac, defiantly: But *I* was going to marry Belle!!
Me: You never know! Maybe you can win her heart some day.
Ian: But I have done soooo many nice things for her lately, that she has chosen me.
Me: What sort of nice things have you done?
Ian: Like today, I gave her flowers. And some day she may call “Help!” and I will run over and hurt the bad guy and hit him right *here* and tie him up. And then I’ll call for you, mom, so you can call the police and they can put the bad guy in jail.
Me: Wow. Well, many girls do like to be rescued. What got you thinking about marrying her?
Ian: Because it would be…delightful to marry her.
Me: What do you like about her?
Ian: She is very sweet.
Me: And, Isaac, what do you like about her?
Isaac: I like everything about her.
These fellas are so cute and sweet. I’m not sure where they got the “thinking of marriage” idea. I don’t have memories of discussing marriage at 5 or 4, except maybe thinking as most girls do that it would be my dad.  They did attend their uncle’s wedding in California a while back, and that seemed to make an impression. However it came about, it’s quite cute.

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