The Giving Three


On the way home from church today, we needed to stop for gas. Across from the pumps, a man was leaning against the back bumper of his run-down pick-up, which was full of chopped wood. He held a sign saying he was out of work and needed help.

Brian pulled the car up to a pump, and started the gas going, before opening the back door and talking to the boys:

B: There’s a man over there who needs help. Do you want to go with me to give him some money to help him?
Boys: Yes!!
B: You boys each have $15 dollars. Would you also like to give some of that to him?
Boys: Yes!!
B: Ok, how much would you like to give him?
Isaac: As much as he needs.
Ian: As much as we have.
B: If you give him your $15, that means you will have no more money to buy toys or anything – are you sure you want to give him everything you have?
Boys: Yes!

The entire parking and conversation took maybe 2 minutes, but when the boys and Brian started walking over, the man and the truck were gone. We circled the parking lot, and searched all the store and gas station parking lots on the way home, but never saw him. It’s like he vaporized. We felt bad that we didn’t actually get to help him, but I was grateful for the experience of the boys getting to choose to take action and help someone. I can learn a lot from their apathy towards wealth or at least possessing a spirit of generosity greater than a desire for hording. These are some cool little fellas.

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