Home Made Marshmallows


During our third day of home school, we decided to make home made marshmallows. I found this recipe on Pinterest and decided to give it a whirl. I got out all the ingredients and measuring devices and had Ian (the others lost interest after the first scoop of sugar) do the measuring work (I sneaked in learning moments like giving him a half-cup scoop and having him figure out how many scoops he needed to get 2 cups of sugar).

Ian thought it was very cool watching the sugar melt in the pan with a little water and he loved the grossness of the goopy gelatin mixed in water. He especially enjoyed watching the sugar/gelatin mixture swirl and foam and bubble as it came to a boil, his vivid imagination seeing all sorts of characters and formations on the surface.

Next we added salt and vanilla and mixed the steaming liquid slowly to cool it.

Then, we mixed our marshmallow solution at high speed, until it turned white & creamy. The boys enjoyed observing those changes and entertained themselves reporting how much fluffier it was growing.

Next, we spread the fluff on a powdered-sugar-covered surface.

And, of course, we had to get the excess off of the beaters.

After about 4 hours, the surface was tacky and ready to be dusted with powdered sugar and cut into our chosen circle shape.

Now, what will we do with all these marshmallows?

The closest thing I have to a review is when Brian came home, tried one and said, “Huh. And I thought I didn’t care for marshmallows.” Ours turned out a little bit “creamy,” so I wonder if they did not set long enough, but they held their shape and did not stick together once dusted with sugar. I can see doing this project again. Oh, and for anyone who is interested, they are corn-syrup-free.

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