Periodic Superheroes, Etc.


I’ve already posted today, but instead of Facebooking everything, I’m trying to be good and blog it. So a few unrelated mentionables:


  1. I’m overhearing the boys play a new superhero game. They’ve given themselves interesting names. Elijah, 4, says, “I’m Vitamin D, but I can turn into Protein Man OR Batman.” Isaac, 6, is going by “H2O.” Ian, 7, wanted to know the symbol and atomic number (What the?? Like, seriously, I think we’ve discussed a periodic table once.) of Calcium. So now he declares, “I am Ca-20 Collagen Man!” Because, you know, he is strong as bone.
  2. Ian asked me to play a song using this request: Mom, can you play the song that goes “der der der der der der der” and has a voice like the person on the video you watched this morning about making tea – she speaks the same language? And I got 99 Luftballons on the first try. And we got to chat about war and the Berlin Wall. We crazy homes schoolers just have to make *everything* a bloomin’ lesson.
  3. It’s really frustrating for me when I get particularly riled-up. Firstly, my mouth starts going much faster than my brain, leading me to scramble words and syllables or inserting altogether irrelevant words. Secondly, my mouth starts to water excessively, causing me to drool myself mid-rant, which significantly impairs my already-struggling ferocious image. I think I’ll stick to blessing their little hearts.

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