Howliday Weekend

DeciBell says: I herd your mom has a beef with an udderly-challenging diet.

I have a few minutes before we go check out Swansbrough Manor, so I’ll  summarize the weekend.

Friday was Home School Friday at our church school. The boys had a great day, as usual. Isaac started building a standard Lego Mindstorms robot and Ian was trying to piece together a Mindstorm piston. We had a good oatmeal breakfast, but I pretty much planned on cheating for pizza lunch at school. I did pack hummus, peppers, carrots, pineapple and a tomato for snacking. That got me through the day and I felt energetic for helping set up the book fair.

Friday evening was a get-together at the Langah’s. I have to type it with a New Yawk accent. The kids had a blast jumping on the trampoline with all the other costumed kids. I was good and skipped the A-mazing desserts our lovely hostess made: cake pops, rice krispy sushi, and so forth. She did buy me some everything-free cookies. I enjoyed some really tasty grilled chicken, a dab of potato salad, and some tortilla chips and salsa. I couldn’t pass on the hot cider on such a chilly evening, but I did chug water as well.

On the way home, Isaac was asking all sorts of questions about protein. He’s been requesting a protein unit study, in fact. He wanted to know how it was all put together, so I mentioned amino acids, but he said he wanted to know what stuck protons, neutrons and electrons together. That got us into the strong force, hadrons and quarks. Oh, and then tell me all about ear wax. These kids have great questions and I love their curiosity, but honestly, I never expected to be getting so specific already. And, oh boy, the questions about sperm transport have been increasingly pressing. Hold yer horses there, fellas.

We feel victorious because the boys entertained themselves for 2 hours during a church meeting with no electronics. But, it did take 10x longer to clean up. Then, people threw cupcakes at me all afternoon, but fortunately, they missed my mouth. This holiday stuff is HARD!! The Reeses! The Snickers! The Twizzlers! The baking frenzies! I feel like an addict. Thinking long term is a challenge. It’s like, do I want something apple-awesome later, or do I want something orange-awesome now? Apples and oranges don’t really grasp the feel of it. The point is, my tongue is so dramatic. “This is the best thing ever EVER! You must have this now! You can be all (GF,) granola tomorrow!”  I wonder if I can vape brownies. Only kidding.

Ah, well, it’s all part of the adventure. 🙂

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