Art Felt Words

Would it improve your emotional state if I decorated for Christmas?

I took the boys to see Big Hero 6 yesterday, and it’s Isaac’s new favorite movie. He’s drawn a really cute Christmas scene with Baymax. The other guys loved it too and say we need to own it so we don’t have to go to the theater more to see it. I agree it was very well-done. There were some fantastic, bold colors in many scenes and I adored a story of superheroes who weren’t rude and managed to save the day without all the violence and hurting.

School was quick today. We forgot piano books, so I made an extra round trip for fetching. Then I helped my friend Nancy put names and wishes on paper Christmas ornaments for 20 kids from struggling families. By then it was lunch time. Friday is a total cheat day for me at lunch time.

When mom spends the day in second grade.

At art, the boys made felt turkeys. The class came in rowdy, so the teacher had them do some listening, body-moving exercises. When she said “flap like a bird,” Ian stated that he was a hummingbird and did a slow-motion figure-eight wing pattern. As they were gluing felt pieces together, I aimed to show Elijah how to spread the glue with the side of his Popsicle stick, but he halted me with, “Mom! Stop. I need to learn!” Point taken. I looked at Isaac and noticed he looked red and pale at the same time. A touch of his forehead revealed a fever. He had one class left and the damage was probably already done, but I decided to keep him away from the other kids anyway. I made him a chair bed in the library where I sat and doodled thanksgiving stickers. After school, he toughed out a piano lesson.

…and may my cuteness never fail me.

Elijah has been our prayer leader lately; he reminds us to start our day with God. On the way home to school, he volunteered a prayer for us to have a good day and safe travels, for me to get better (my thyroid has been confused), thanks for the beautiful leaves and for him to never get a black eye or throw up again. Tonight he decided to pray that he’d never get a bee sting again, but if that didn’t happen, that he’d be strong enough for it. Cute pumpkin. He’s also made up really big numbers, bigger than the other numbers. The first one is called “plowerplant.” There is a recent addition and tribute called “minecraft,” but I don’t have a grasp of where it is on the number line.

Dinner tonight was lemon butter baked cod. Yes, the organic butter was illegal for me, but it was important. Ian has turned into a fish fiend. This week when I made tuna salad, Ian declared fish his favorite meat. Tonight he probably ate 10 ounces of it. He has always had expensive taste.



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