Vacay Shunning Junk: How My Thighs Survived the Trip

I think I’m still on Island Time. Two weeks ago I was packing for our trip to Ocracoke Island to attend my cousin’s wedding. Now (seemingly five minutes later) I’m packing us up to tag along with Brian on his business trip. But, first trips first. We took 2 days to get to the island…

Vacay Sun

We just returned from a week-long vacation visiting our family in Florida. It was a glorious time that breezed by far too quickly. I got a carload of stuff put away and all the laundry washed on the day we returned, while the boys in their joyous frenzy buzzed around playing with every toy in…

Sunny Fun Photos

We spent almost two weeks in Florida for our Christmas vacation. Here are some photos from the trip, when we weren’t doing anything in particular.           We helped a gopher tortoise safely cross the street        

Yertle the Durdol

This week I’m running on PacEastern Time. We were California last week for my brother’s wedding and quickly unadjusted to Eastern Time (not to be confused with adjusting to Pacific Time). I think I’ve since settled somewhere near Siesta Time.

Local Time

One beautiful weekend, we hopped on our bikes for the first time since last fall. I put Elijah in my handlebar carrier and Brian pulled the bigger boys in the trailer. I made sure to bring the diaper bag, because it seems we always go farther than intended. We half joked to each other that, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we ended up in downtown Newnan?” I knew right then that we had both taken that as a challenge and our certain destination.

Down Under Yonder

I just paused to see what Elijah was ripping out of a notebook, and discovered it was our 2009 Australia and New Zealand itinerary. I decided I would duplicate it somewhere a little less destructible. I have gazillions of photos of the trip in my Picasaweb album, so maybe I’ll toss a few of those in. Brian’s former company awarded him with two first-class tickets to anywhere in the world, and they were about to expire. Additionally, we were four months away from the birth of our third son and decided that “now was the time!” We flew into Sydney and explored a bit before continuing to Tasmania and renting a car for a whirlwind tour. After that, we did another quick zip through parts of the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Obviously, we did nothing too adventurous, but it was a trip, in true Brian and Amy style, that we’ll never forget.

If you start using the potty, I’ll laugh at your poo with you.

Scrubbing poo out of the carpet before breakfast is not the best marker of a good day. That’s OK. I’m keeping my eyes on the Prize.  We are planning our escape to an undisclosed location *.* at an undisclosed time. Having bumbled through the morning with my free-day-at-the-children’s-museum virus, I put the kids down for…

I need a Tuesdayectomy

Apparently the unpublished price of admission for Vacation Bible School is one fever for each participant, to be distributed immediately to said participant’s doting mother. Well, I haven’t had Ian and Isaac’s fever *yet* but I did acquire a sore throat and a certain bleariness. I suppose it was worth it to observe Ian’s carefree…