I need a Tuesdayectomy


Apparently the unpublished price of admission for Vacation Bible School is one fever for each participant, to be distributed immediately to said participant’s doting mother. Well, I haven’t had Ian and Isaac’s fever *yet* but I did acquire a sore throat and a certain bleariness. I suppose it was worth it to observe Ian’s carefree joyful participation, albeit his own version of participation – mainly consisting of bunny hops and skillful dance moves around his peer group.

Elijah has been working on some sort of rash for a couple of weeks. At first I thought it was a heat rash because he had little red bumps in his elbow and neck creases. However, since then, its covering his whole body and he’s itching like crazy, since last Friday night, at least. Not sure if it’s an antibiotic allergy, a virus or just dry itchy skin. The skin under his Tegaderm is breaking down and he scratches at that a lot too. We’ve experimented with different dressings – Bioclusive and now some Duoderm under his Tegaderm.  I’ve also wrapped his chest in 3″ Kling and made little “wife beater” tanks out of some tube gauze to keep it all contained. All wrapped up like that and sporting some socks on his hands to disable the grabbers, he looks just like a little prize fighter.

Between Isaac’s fever and Ian’s fever, we took our first overnight “micro-cation” since Elijah was born. We drove up to Dalton Saturday night and stayed in a hotel so we could spend the next day in Chattanooga. Ian had been begging us for  weeks to stay in a hotel. We grabbed Chick-Fil-A on the way up and arrived in time to swim in the pool before bed. The indoor pool deck was incredibly slippery and Isaac slipped and fell three times while walking carefully. The last time, he hit his head and we decided we’d had enough of that. We instead went “swimming” in the room. Our room had a giant whirlpool bath in the corner of the room, so the boys splashed in there for a few minutes.  We actually managed to get Ian to sleep in his own bed. When Brian rolled in the spare bed, Ian thought it was the coolest thing ever and immediately claimed it. The boys jumped on it a bit and when Brian said it was bed time, everyone tried to pile into our Queen-sized “King” bed (we were told it was a King, but sure seemed small). We had to resort to the conniving tactic of starting to offer the extra bed to Isaac to engage Ian’s jealousy switch. Ian ultimately decided to take the bed and slept there all night, though only under the condition that I draped an arm down over him.

Sunday, we had a non-adventurous brunch at Five Guys, before continuing to Chattanooga. I forgot to mention, we chose Chatt because Brian’s dad is doing some work in Murfreesboro, and it was a good halfway point to hang out. However, he, unsurprisingly was quite a bit faster readying himself than our circus of five, so he actually met us at our hotel. In Chatt., we grunkled** into a walking bridge, so we parked at one end of it for $3, loaded every possible contingency item into our stroller and headed for the bridge (**The term grunkle is a word of Skinner-family origin, meaning to fortuitously encounter something while traveling). It was so hot we were afraid we’d been forgotten at the Second Coming.

Near the foot of the bridge was a sign for a glass bridge to the right. I had to experience that. I hefted the stroller up the ramp and onto the bridge. I paused at the apex and told Ian to climb out of the stroller and look down. I wish I could describe all the thoughts his expression conveyed, but he very quickly found and planted his feet on a spot supported by a steel beam. He was intrigued, but cautious. It really was an interesting experience to stand on such an elevated glass floor. I wonder how that Grand Canyon walkway would be.

We went halfway over the walking bridge and decided it was far too miserable to be outside, so we turned back and decided to go to the aquarium nearby. On the way to the aquarium, we collectively tripped and fell into an ice cream shop. While there we asked a local what our boys might like to do and they pointed us to a kids’ science center that was in “walking distance.” That was “walking distance” like our bed the night before was a “King.” It was a cool place though, and the boys had a blast. The first area had some water activities and a play structure and they could have happily stayed there all day.

For dinner, we went out of our way to go to Famous Dave’s. It was glorious and amazing BBQ when we ate there in Omaha, but now we see why so many have closed down. Oh well, that’s out of my system now.

On our way home, we were reminiscing about our day, and all the fun we had. We asked Isaac if he had fun that weekend and he said, “yes.”  We asked him what his favorite part was and he exclaimed, “Chick-Fil-A! Num num num!”

Yesterday went by in a blur. Not often a day goes so quickly. At one point, Ian was keeping Elijah and me company while I nursed Elijah to sleep. Ian told me, “When I growed into a little baby, I had to go to the doctor and he measured my heart beat and I almost didn’t need a poke.  Then I camed home and got bigger and growed teeth and now I have 20 jokes and I need to grow down to a little baby again.” I’d like to hear the professional analysis of that. Too funny.

Today has more than made up for yesterday’s quickness. Last night, not even a good dose of Benadryl gave Elijah a good sleep. It was one of those nights when I question if I got any sleep at all. Isaac is definitely Two. Lots of big Big BIG emotion. Sometimes he starts wailing and I have no idea why and he won’t or can’t tell me and will only shriek, “hold me hold me hold me.” If I set him down so I can do something so selfish as pee, the wailing starts up again and doesn’t stop until I pick him up again.  It gets a little hairy when both Isaac and Elijah insist on being held.  This evening, after Isaac woke up from his nap doing his perma-wail, I finally had to “bribe” him with a peanut butter and chocolate (Nutella) sandwich. He quietly breathed “mm hmm,” at the suggestion, so I dove into action. I had previously tried to assess the situation to no avail. “Are you scared?” “No.” “Are you hurt?” “No.” “Are you lonely?” “No.” “Are you hungry?” “No.” “Tell me what’s the matter, sweetie.” “No.” So, I had to pull the chocolate out of my bag. “Mm hmm.”  Yes! A “yes!” Quick! Somebody get me the Nutella!

The anticipation of a gooey chocolate sandwich apparently did some magic, because I’d no sooner put my knife to work when Isaac cracked a giddy smile and said, “You’re happy, Mom!” He ate his sandwich in his typical solemn demeanor. I took the opportunity to change Elijah’s diaper and as I turned toward the trash can, I stubbed my toe, yelping a little in pain. Isaac exploded in laughter.  Enjoy, Captain Schadenfreude. This one’s on me.

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