I’ll Be in the Powder Room


He’s crawling! I would probably call it official since Friday. I’m in for it now. They can officially take off in three different directions. Prior to Friday, Elijah was “migrating.” By lunging and turning and sitting, he would get around a little bit.

His last chemo visit went well. His blood counts were basically normal and he had another dose of  IVIG. The doctor said his levels were rising enough that he might not need it again.

You’d think I was intentionally averting my attention from my 2 and 3 year old, just to see what interesting thing they’d do, based on the stuff they accomplish. That’s tempting on some level, but, no. They have plans ready to execute, the moment I nurse a baby or take a shower. The other day, while I was holding Elijah and folding laundry (doing neither very effectively), Isaac got the baby powder out of  the changing table pocket, and powdered the entire kitchen and himself. I sent him upstairs to play and, planning to clean the kitchen when Brian came in from mowing, I sat down to nurse the poor, famished baby. Ian sneaked in, and thinking Isaac’s project hilarious, he snitched the baby oil and painted over top of the powder. I only caught him when he poured the oil all the way to the living room and started shaking it on Elijah’s head.

Usually, I’m good about waiting until the last minute to mention plans to the boys, but this time, my mixture of excitement about Disney and wondering if it will thrill or terrify them, has weakened my resolve. Now, every time we pull into a parking lot, Ian asks, “Is this Disney?” Last week, he put on a Handy Manny costume from 2 years ago and vowed to wear it to Disney. After two straight days, I was starting to think he was really going to leave it on until our trip. It wasn’t until I got him pirate and fireman pajamas that I convinced him to take it off.

I’d like to take the boys to the Bodies exhibit. I went before and it was really amazing. Since Ian has been asking all about bones and muscles and all, I think he’d really get into it. I tried to get Brian to go last weekend, but he came up with lots of reasons not to. It turns out he just doesn’t share my fascination.

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  1. Mom of '03 and '05 says:

    Yay, Elijah : ). Now where are those kid leashes ; )?


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