Rock Away Owie


In the car the other day, I heard Isaac singing a sweet little tune. Curious, I listened closer to hear him singing, “Stomp on the baby, stomp on the babyyy.” Ian followed suit later that day crooning, “Destroy all the books! Destroy all the books!” My house has become Decimation: The Musical.

Last night Ian was riding his bike around the house and he crashed into a wall. Brian tried to consoling as Ian yelped in pain. Brian asked, “Would you like me to kiss your knee?” “No.” “Would you like Mom to kiss your knee?” “No,” Ian replied as he walked across the room to his toy guitar. “I just need rock ‘n roll.” [Proceeds to jam]

We’re having a blast this weekend. Aunt Ashley is visiting for a couple days before she goes to her NASCAR race. She’s the first person they’ve voluntarily spent the night with. She is Isaac’s buddy now. Isaac cries about nap time and says pitifully, “I want Ashwee.” That was strange to have enough room to sleep. We drove up to Atlanta and met an out-of-town friend and his bride for lunch, as they were in town for DragonCon. Next I took Ashley and the boys to the new World of Coke, since she hadn’t been to the new location. We frightened the boys with 4-D movie experiences and drank ourselves sick on carbonated sugar from around the world. And just for the record, Beverly is not the strangest drink on the list. A number of times I said “ew” more passionately with other flavors.

In the car that evening, Isaac pitifully stated, “I’m nerbous.” We asked if it was the movie and he said it was, but he also said it was about dinner and about his sandals, so I think he was just feeling agreeable. He wouldn’t take his eyes of the movie earlier, though I did have to surgically excise him from my arm when it was over. I think it was the loud hissing of air that bothered him most.

We tried to take some cute/silly pictures today before Ashley leaves. I’m getting less effective at getting the boys to look at the camera or to smile, not to mention both at the same time. So, we have a collage of shots with Elijah flashing his best GQ and Ian tasting grass, while Isaac showed his lack of amusement.

Actually, we did get a few really cute shots.

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