Christmas, Christmas, One, Two, Three.


This won’t be a very holly jolly post. I’m playing catch up and I’m bored. And, I have happily put Christmas, with all its tree needles, wrapping paper particles and house cluttering behind me. I adore Christmas, and this year, I was more in the Spirit than I had been for a few years, but the aftermath of unpacking from vacation, finding homes for new toys, sneaking old ones off to Goodwill, repacking Christmas decorations…well, you get the idea. I’m ready to move on. But it was a spectacular time and definitely worth a mention!

Trying to get three busy boys to look *happily* in the same direction at the same time is a trip, but we sure had fun trying!


We remembered to start Christmas Eve earlier in the day, so the boys could stay awake to finish! It’s quite a production!

Look out. I'm about to cause a Panda-monium
Ashley got ink
We had a visitor from Cybertron
Elijah loves him some turtle! And he's taking his newest one for a test snuggle.
A couple guys are in there somewhere
It's a midwest thang, y'all.
Puppy love!
I heart woodworkers

Isn't he sweet?
The apology. Wait for the packed van shot...
The train gang
(A major part of "the apology"...but how cool!!)


And then we move on to Christmas Day!

The master chef at work
These two are trouble
Swinging and singing

What could it be?!
Those Transformers are everywhere!

Talented Aunt Michelle

Aunt Michelle strikes again!
Is there anything she can't do?
Who says we can't have a white Christmas?
My snow angels

And…now…for the basis of “The apology,” which, incidentally, I get every Christmas, but my mad skills prevail! Somehow we all get home!

Lastly, there’s Georgia Christmas. By then I was too lazy to take decent pictures.

Real "work man" gloves!
Breakfast with Bumblebee

That’s it! I hope your New Year is adventuresome and blessed! And, now, I will blissfully proceed as if nothing mentionable has happened since Christmas.

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