Art Attack

It’s another gorgeous day, perfect for muddying up the boys. After breakfast, I took them outside with a cup of water and some paint brushes, for some patio painting. I was drinking from a sport bottle of water, ever so briefly, before Isaac “needed” it to Jackson Pollock the concrete. Then Ian sploshed his water on the ground. After he took half a dozen trips to the sink, I filled up a big bucket from the spigot on the side of the house to save him time (read: save my carpet). They scooped that bucket dry, and Ian refilled it. I had asked Ian if he wanted me to roll up his jean legs, but he declined, saying it was okay if they got wet.


Lesson learned. If I’d do a little laundry sometimes, I wouldn’t go without my TV remote for so long. It’s amazing what I find in that basket.

Local Time

One beautiful weekend, we hopped on our bikes for the first time since last fall. I put Elijah in my handlebar carrier and Brian pulled the bigger boys in the trailer. I made sure to bring the diaper bag, because it seems we always go farther than intended. We half joked to each other that, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we ended up in downtown Newnan?” I knew right then that we had both taken that as a challenge and our certain destination.

He’s 412 Days Old and I’m Going to Gush!

I forgot what a fun age 13 months is! Elijah is a miniature person who has “it” incredibly figured-out. He “talks” on the phone, puts on his brother’s play necklace, tries to put on shirts and socks, stabs at food with a fork, knows what the remote is supposed to do, drives toy cars with great sound effects, and pulls string cheese out of the fridge, doing the Happy Dance as I open it for him.

A Visual Catch-Up Guide

To help you cope with my usual delinquency, I have created a visual catch-up guide of the recent history of the Cummings family, covering our three Christmases, and into the new year.  On the first third of Christmas, I achieved, on the 15th shutter release, a nearly-focused snapshot of my three miniature men about to open…


The Lord is my Shepherd. He has provided.I bask in the wholeness of my family, drinking up my sons and finding in each a unique and intoxicating bouquet. Again I smell, kiss, envelop the child for whom I’ve trembled. He grows so strong, snuggled in his garments, the tightly-knitted prayers of a multitude. His laughter…

Rock Away Owie

In the car the other day, I heard Isaac singing a sweet little tune. Curious, I listened closer to hear him singing, “Stomp on the baby, stomp on the babyyy.” Ian followed suit later that day crooning, “Destroy all the books! Destroy all the books!” My house has become Decimation: The Musical. Last night Ian…

I’ll Be in the Powder Room

He’s crawling! I would probably call it official since Friday. I’m in for it now. They can officially take off in three different directions. Prior to Friday, Elijah was “migrating.” By lunging and turning and sitting, he would get around a little bit. His last chemo visit went well. His blood counts were basically normal…

Two Steps Cleaner, One Step Disaster

I turned on my computer and Ian announced, “It’s time to plaay FAM-il-y Feud!” Am I addicted? The boys had a lot of fun today, but in the way that mom…well, not so much. While I prepared Elijah’s dressing change supplies for the home health nurse, I hear the boys sounding dangerously happy. I entered…

If you start using the potty, I’ll laugh at your poo with you.

Scrubbing poo out of the carpet before breakfast is not the best marker of a good day. That’s OK. I’m keeping my eyes on the Prize.  We are planning our escape to an undisclosed location *.* at an undisclosed time. Having bumbled through the morning with my free-day-at-the-children’s-museum virus, I put the kids down for…