Memorial Day Weekend Staycation

We were craving some adventure when the Memorial Day weekend was approaching. We considered Chattanooga and Dollywood as options, but we waited until the last minute…again, to make plans, so hotels were scarce, expensive or crummy. So, we opted to stay a few nights at the Marriott resort near Stone Mountain. It fulfilled the boys’…

McIntosh Reserve

We spent our afternoon today wandering around McIntosh Reserve, in Carroll County. After church, the boys had run behind the church playground and were climbing on some rocks, so we were looking for a place the boys could do some more boulder hopping. The boys all climbed on the first stump they saw. I think…

Legos, Ships, Jungles and Lights, Oh My.

On our vacation, we did a few adventures in Florida. We stopped by Fisherman’s Village in our old stomping grounds in Punta Gorda and toured the Nina and Pinta replicas.   We visited some friends who set up a really fancy Christmas display in their yard – just for the boys!   We stormed Legoland….

Sunny Fun Photos

We spent almost two weeks in Florida for our Christmas vacation. Here are some photos from the trip, when we weren’t doing anything in particular.           We helped a gopher tortoise safely cross the street        

Since the Cavalry Arrived

Yes, I’m alive. I haven’t posted since Aunt Ashley (my sister) moved in! And can I just say, I LOVE having another wife around (ha ha). She is extraordinarily popular with the boys, too. She’s popular to the point that I had to put stickers on our hall clock and tell Ian not to go…

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Since I forgot to write down all the cute things the boys did and said, I’ll write a lame list of what I DO remember from the weekend. THE GOOD: I actually made it to the gym again! It was lonely, but I managed to find an elliptical with a TV and a good Kevin…

Yertle the Durdol

This week I’m running on PacEastern Time. We were California last week for my brother’s wedding and quickly unadjusted to Eastern Time (not to be confused with adjusting to Pacific Time). I think I’ve since settled somewhere near Siesta Time.

I Think We Have the Makings for a Banana Shake

Wondering where I’ve been? The entire month of April was composed of a delightful melody of stomach bugs and nasal congestion, accented with a staccato of coughing. For May, we’ve changed up the menu a bit to rashes. So far, 2/3 of my offspring have a full-body viral rash of some sort, and one also managed to get a Strep rash on his bum. Anyone for a play date?

They’ve also seemed particularly fixated on their boy parts lately [this serves as your warning].

April Recipe

Mix all ingredients, except crackers and butter. Scoop into small casserole dish. Mix crackers and butter in quart-sized baggie. Top casserole with crackers. Bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes. Allow to cool for 10 minutes.

From Now On, Rice is an Outside Toy [Megapost]

Aaack, my brain is melting! No, not hurting, just melting. Too much “adventure” lately. The toddler-people have trampled me and chewed holes in my clothes. I have loads of catching-up to do, blog-wise. I wanted to do a cute story for every event along the way, but catching child-vomit in cloth diapers for the last two weeks has wanned my interest.